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NERAK Training & Consulting

Since 1987 Nerak Training & Consulting has been helping companies make sense of Business Applications using Information Technology in the workplace. Nerak Training & Consulting offers clients a selection of computer training program solutions ranging from custom instructor led to E-learning to blended learning options.

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is a leading business organization in British Columbia that strives to make Kelowna one of the best mid-sized cities in North America to live, work and play. As the largest Chamber in mainland British Columbia, the Kelowna Chamber focuses its activities in three key areas:
  • Influence: Together, our strong membership organization and their over 25,000 employees act as a single powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests.

  • Connection: the Kelowna Chamber provides a cohesive business network for its members to expand their business contacts.

  • Value: the value-added benefits, programs, and services of the Kelowna Chamber are aimed at improving the bottom line of Chamber.

  • Dalco Technologies Inc.

    Dalco Technologies Inc. is a company with a focus on remote-enabling technologies.

    Beginning in 1998 with the introduction of dbOvernet and later in 2001 with dbBridge for Windows, they have developed products and technologies targeted to business, from small to large. They embraced Microsoft's .NET framework and conceived the idea of Qasper in 2005. A software solution that helps small business manage customer connections to build more sales. To develop Qasper, they gathered a small group of the best developers from around the world and set to work in a virtual environment to build Qasper.

    Qasper is now one of the most fully featured and functional business and personal information management tools on the market today, boasting features found in traditionally much more expensive products.

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